Smart is a water purifier installed in a kitchen and provides clean drinking water by purifying tap water. Water is one of the most essential elements for human. We drink water for life every day. However, we are exposed to numerous pollutants by tap water passing
The Hole is a personal air purifier that can be used anywhere such as in a vehicle, at home or at the office. It has powerful performance in compact size. It purifies the air using a cutting-edge filtration system that not only removes dust and ordinary bacteria but also various odors
The Arc is a criticism about existing drinking water faucets look like bathroom faucet. The designer thinks drinking water faucet in the kitchen should be certainly different from bathroom faucet because that is where ‘clean drinking water’ comes out.
Because of its striking appearance, Motorola StarTAC and RAZR were stamped on the people’s memory as an exclusively chic phone, and became the most best-selling phone in the world. But, Motorola didn’t keep the successful icons, and the glory of the past is gone.
Universal Plug
Universal Plug has two great benefits. First, everyone will be able to pull the plug easily. Second, it would lead people to attain voluntary attitudes in conserving energy. The intelligent hole of Universal Plug is not only makes it easier to pull the plug out of a socket
It functions as both a humidifier and dehumidifier. It automatically recognizes the humidity in real time to dehumidify the air when the humidity is high and humidify the air when the humidity is low. To keep an optimum level of humidity, the water tank is used several times
Convex to Concave
C2C is a water purifier with slim size that has an advantage in space utilization. Thanks to the slim, compact size, it takes up little countertop space allowing users to make better use of the space. The simple button-layout helps users recognize features at a glance.
The Blow is an air purifier with an added energy-saving air heater function. Two cylindrical fans are arranged vertically inside, absorbing air from the back and expelling it in front. Inside the front grill is an instant heating module to adjust the temperature before expelling purified air.
Ice & Water Mini
It is a compact water purifier doubles as an ice maker. Thanks to its optimized size, it allows users to make better use of the space. By providing clean ice as well as purified hot/cold water with just a single touch, it provides value for all seasons.
It's an homage to Dieter Rams' minimalism.
Ice & Water
ICE+WATER is a convergence product combining a water purifier and an ice maker. Users can immediately get clean drinking water at cold/hot/room temperature as well as pure ice made with purified water. The appearance reflects the key features: water and ice.
ROBUST is a reinterpretation of the product design identity of the Bose speakers. It keeps the brand's core design values: solid, powerful image. And it added more minimal, vibrant, and dynamic feeling. It will blow irresistible experiences into the brand.
Juicepresso X
The greatest characteristic of the JuicePresso is its ability to squeeze fruits and vegetables slowly to make fresh, rich juice. Other juicers have sharp, quickly-spinning blades which cause frictional heat and shock to the food.
Qbo is a multifunctional product of air purifier and humidifier to be installed in a living room or a bedroom. It purifies air and maintains pleasant humidity level. The rectangular shape with simply rounded corners makes stable, minimal appearance.
Have you ever thought about becoming visually impaired? Maybe, the world would be difficult and frustrating much more than your expect. In modern society, people are expanding more and more their field of activity.