Sprint is a bicycle in the dress. Its base is a lightweight classic metal frame, that contains Fixing elements for mounting of an advertisement field made of thin PVC. Advertisement field is the basis for the print.  Printed  can be anything, from just a color or Gradient to butterfly, fish, etc to infinity. A person can  choose what he likes best.  With the  help of the instruction  and  the pre-made cut print, even a child can put a beautiful butterfly on  his Sprint, instead of a Spiderman. The Sprint advertisement field can  be made with a textile cover with a zipper, that can be  used as  a  bicycle bag. The  Sprint has  a wide range  of  use  up  to  the  placement  of  corporate  identity, social advertising, etc.
Shape of the Sprint is optimal for placing the print, it also prevents sail effect. It's possible to use perforated materials.

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